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As you pray this prayer, picture in your mind what part of your body needs healing. If appropriate, touch that part of you while you pray as a tangible action of what you are asking Jesus to do. Be as specific as you can. And don’t rush. Pray daily.

Father God, I come to You as the Healer. I need Your healing touch in my body. Come Holy Spirit. I ask You by Your Holy Spirit to draw out all inflammation and infection. Release all cellular memory reactions happening now, to trauma past or present. Restore every cell, organ, system and structure to its original design, the original DNA; the way You designed my body to think, feel and respond.

In place of the pain and trauma, I ask You to saturate me with Your SHALOM peace. This means peace and wholeness. I receive Your healing peace and wholeness in my body and soul. Restore what has been lost.

Release from me anything that is not from You. Set me free from any words spoken to me that are not in agreement with Your Word so that I can move forward in freedom.

Fill me fresh with Your life giving breath. Renew my strength. Restore my hope. Empower my spirit. More each day. Help me to see myself the way You do.

I receive You into every area of my life. Come Lord Jesus. Make me whole. In Jesus’ name Amen.

Psalms 103:1-5

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