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Prayer Ministry/

Receive restoration and wisdom through a time of prayer and counseling

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Individual & Group Mentorship

Successfully navigate change and growth through mentorship

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Prayer Retreats &

Scheduling a prayer retreat or intensive provides focused time away for deep healing and refreshment with God

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Invite Dana to speak at your next small group, retreat, workshop, or events.

Prayer Ministry/Counseling

Prayer Ministry, also known as “Prayer Counseling” or “Inner Healing” is a method of pastoral counseling that applies the timeless and universal truths and principles of Scripture to identify how you have responded to the hurts and pains of life. Prayer ministry sessions combine these universal principles from Scripture with Biblical counseling, trauma care, scientific human development, listening prayer, and practical conversation to identify wounds or blocks that are keeping you from living the abundant life God has intended for you (John 10:10).

Trauma, loss, and neglect knock us out of alignment with our design, causing negative effects (or fruit) in our lives. Every negative behavior, belief, emotion or relational disconnect is a negative fruit that has a root cause, affecting you and your relationships. (Galatians 6:7) Through counsel and prayer, we can identify these roots, and restore alignment with God and His design for you. In alignment with your God-given design your spiritual identity and gifts will be released to live whole and free, spirit, soul, and body.

Prayer ministers are well-trained and experienced in academic, emotional, and spiritual training.  Prayer ministers are ordained ministers, with yearly requirements for ongoing education and personal prayer ministry. Prayer ministers do not hold themselves to be licensed counselors, therapists, medical, or psychological practitioners. Prayer ministry is like a “doctor’s appointment”, not an “emergency room”. If you are struggling with life-threatening thoughts or plans for yourself or others, please call 911 or go to the closest emergency room.

Prayer ministry sessions are 1 ½ hours.  They can be in person or over Zoom and are available for men, women, couples, and young people.  Longer sessions are available through prayer intensives.

The cost for a prayer ministry session begins at $100.


Mentoring is very beneficial for personal growth and development of all ages and stages of life, especially in seasons of transition.  If you are seeking to grow in understanding of your identity and gifting, or how to walk out your mission, mentoring may be best for you. Ephesians 4

Mentoring sessions are customized to the individual's needs and goals. Mentoring is typically 12 one-hour sessions.  The strategy includes the development and empowerment of identity, boundaries, and accountability to move forward successfully and find fulfillment in your purpose.

Group Mentorship

Businesses, ministries, organizations, and families benefit greatly from group mentoring.  Implementing vision, identifying core values, developing strengths and best practices, equipping communication and conflict resolution skills, and recognizing common blocks to productivity are some of the key advantages of group mentoring. The process of working together from an objective perspective can be the vehicle to move your organization to the next level and create the culture you have desired.

Sessions for group mentoring can be over Zoom or in person.  These are typically 12 one-hour sessions but can be modified to a workshop to fit your organization's needs. Contact Dana Grindal to discuss.

The cost for individual mentoring begins at $500, while group mentoring cost begins at $1000.

Prayer Retreats/ Intensives

A Prayer Intensive is 12 hours of prayer ministry sessions, 4 hours per day booked on 3 consecutive weekdays.  This type of prayer ministry has been very effective for those who live out of town, those with scheduling challenges, or those who prefer more of a retreat experience.  Often participants fast to prepare for the prayer intensive, as well as stay in a hotel to be away from normal distractions and duties.  Many people have found the prayer intensive a very effective investment in their healing journey.

Prayer Intensives are booked at least one month ahead, based on availability. Hotel discounts in the Houston area are available upon request. 

The cost for a prayer intensive begins at $900.

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