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It is an honor to partner with other ministries to celebrate what God is doing globally as we build together for His Kingdom.

Laura Gallier

Laura Gallier

Laura Gallier is an author and national speaker whose inspiring life story empowers adults and students to overcome enemies of the soul: oppressive thoughts, emotions and habits. As an advocate of biblical truth, Laura sheds light on many of today’s most debated moral and social issues, bringing hope and healing to a generation in need. She is the author of the award-winning novel series, The Delusion, and co-hosts the Fearless and Free podcast. Learn more about Laura at or the link below.


Kara Diehl loves designing jewelry that shares God's word! Her desire is to create a connection and open a dialogue to share transparently about our faith. Gracelets are a bridge when a woman simply holds out her hand and begins to share the bracelet on her wrist. That's when it happens! Connection. Transparency. Sharing of hearts. Walls are broken down. Truth is declared. Hurts are tended to and God is in the midst!

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His Whole House


His Whole House breaks the cycle of trauma and shame.


Individuals, couples, and organizations transformed through the principles and healing available through the acceleration of a God-given design based on the Lord’s word with practical applications in today’s culture.


  • Business Coaching

  • Counseling – Individual, Couples, and Family Integration

  • Training & Equipping Events/Workshops

  • CARRY+

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