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Healing From the Heart

Restoring Alignment to Revitalize

Body, Soul and Spirit

We all have a story. We have all been wounded. One way or another, we have all been knocked out of alignment in some part of our soul from the truth of who we are, the truth of how others see us, and the truth of how God sees us.

Everyone is unique in their responses to wounding, but as explained in Healing from the Heart, there is a way to recognize where we are and respond in a way that puts us on the path to healing and keeps us there.

Much of the modern society has addressed numbing, bandaging or escaping symptoms of pain without addressing the root cause beneath. Roots matter. When we heal from the heart level, the soul, we discover not only relief from pain and the ability to move forward, but also freedom to live the abundant life you are designed for.

This book is a tool to guide you in processing your own body, soul and spirit connections. Healing happens in layers. In each chapter you are invited to walk out a layer of your healing by applying the truths and principles given. This book can be used individually or as a part of a group study.

Having experienced healing herself Dana knows the life changing power of inner healing first-hand and is eager to help others to experience the same life changing healing and freedom

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