Father God, I am struggling to keep going. I am tired and weary. I need Your help. I am inviting You into the mess and the pain. I ask You to meet me right where I am. You created the world out of nothing. You brought life where there wasn’t any. I am asking You to do that for me. Out of Your endless provision, provide for me. Pour out Your Spirit in me, empowering me to receive Your help and to trust You. Give me the courage to ask You for what I need, and to not run away from You or others who want to help. Help me to receive life from the beauty of creation, the sounds of music, and the touch of the grass. Empower me to forgive, and to receive forgiveness, so that I can fully connect with You and others. Thank You that You are not angry with me, or frowning at me, but instead are looking at me with eyes of love and open arms – eager for me to come to You. I accept Your invitation to choose life today. I come to You as I am. Fill me with Your joy, comfort Me with Your presence, and strengthen my spirit that I can fully accept the gift of life.

In Jesus’ name Amen.

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